Chef Skyline’s restaurant – Skyline – is one of the unique restaurant venues in Jerusalem. The exclusive restaurant, located on the roof of a hotel, overlooks magnificent panoramic views of the city, which provide an unforgettable touch to the experience. The excellent event menu is presided over by chef Danny Aviv, who gives his knowledge and touch to one and all of the gourmet dishes – from bread and dips to desserts. The event menus are seasonal and tailored according to the freshest offer, and of course – to the nature of the event and its guests. Everything is kosher, Galat Mahdrin and Rabbis Mahdrin. At Skyline you can celebrate fully closed – with 60 to 80 guests, partially closed events for 25-40 guests, and on the balcony (in summer) with up to 40 diners and hangouts.

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